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If you have Carpet Flood Damage or a Water Damage Problem...

Act now and your property will be back to normal in no time. Our flood water damage experts dispatch within 5 minutes of your call and will be drying your property within the hour.

STOP further costly damage and CALL NOW.
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Mould germinates in as little as 48 hours

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We dispatch within
5 minutes of your call

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Over 1,000,000m2 of structure dried

Australian Specialised Technicians for water damage

One of Australia’s only Specialised Technicians for the water damage industry

Dry and Restore Your Wet Carpet or Flooded Property Now!

Your Home Can Be Returned Back to Normal and FAST, Just Follow These Steps:

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Act Quickly, Don’t Wait On Your Insurance

Take control of the drying and repair of your flood damaged property. You are NOT required to get your insurance company’s approval. When you choose the contractors, you maintain control over the job getting done right the first time. Then we help you get your claim paid in full, guaranteed!

DON’T WAIT days for your insurance company to send THEIR CONTRACTOR. Remember that in as little as 48 hours, toxic mould can start to germinate.

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Choose the Right Water Damage Specialist

At the Flood Experts, we have one of Australia’s only Specialised Technicians for the water damage industry. Our top qualified staff together with our equipment that is the smallest, quietest and most effective drying equipment in the industry, we ensure your home or business is dried in record time.

General Carpet Cleaning is NOT enough and can make the situation worse. Call The Flood Experts now and return your water damaged property back to normal…FAST!

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Take the Stress Out of Getting Your Claim Paid

It’s important to get your water damaged home dried and cleaned, but it is equally important getting your insurance claim paid. We provide, at no cost to you, support in getting you reimbursed fast and paid in full, guaranteed!

Call us NOW with any questions and to get the drying of your home started before costly and unhealthy damage spreads.


Why You Shouldn’t Wait

Acting quickly after a water damage is crucial for minimizing risks to your home and the health of your family. The flood and water damage to your home increases when it is left unattended or if it is not dried and decontaminated correctly the first time.

Stop Further Damage

Water finds its way into your floorboards under the wet carpet and into the walls. This seeping of liquid is worse if it is sewage or other contaminated water. Additionally, mould starts to germinate in as little as 24 hours and is worsened if the wrong drying equipment is used because the mould spores are blown around your home spreading the damage.

Get it Fixed Right the First Time

Water damage and flooded carpet in your home is easily restored if addressed immediately and handled by a trained and experienced water damage company. When the damage is assessed, moisture pockets are discoverable by moisture sensors. The affected areas immediately have the water extracted. Then, the correct drying equipment is used by qualified technicians to dry the water and flood damage that is not able to be removed by the initial extraction. Finally, safe plant based anti-microbial sprays are used to stop the growth of hidden contaminants.

Why wait? Don’t leave the health of your family or the water damage to your home in the wrong hands

Water Damage technicians
10 years experience in flood restoration


With over 10 years of experience, we have dried over 1,000,000 sqm of flood and water damaged homes and commercial properties.

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Our industry technology and equipment restores and dries your wet carpet and structure back to pre-flood conditions, the first time.

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Our highly experienced specialists, backed by our industry leading equipment, can handle any flood or water damaged property in the fastest time possible with the best results.

We Help You from Start to Finish with Your Flood or Water Damage Emergency

Flooding and water damage to your home or business is a very stressful and overwhelming time. We’re here to help 24/7 with the goal of 100% customer satisfaction. We dispatch within 5 minutes of your call, start immediate removal of flood water, complete the drying of your water damaged home and wet carpet and provide the technical reporting your insurance company needs to pay the claim. We even help you contact your insurance company or landlord whilst on site.

So, whether it’s a burst pipe or overflowed basin, flooded carpet or backed-up sewage pipe, a single room or high-rise building, we’re here to help. Emergency drying of wet carpet and water damaged structures is our specialty.

Our Services

The Flood Experts service a wide range of needs from emergency flooded carpet drying to the drying and remediation of flood damaged buildings. Our drying solutions even help businesses in need of more rapid drying of their food products. Click on your service area to read more about our emergency water damage drying and specialised drying solutions.

We’re here any time of day to take your call should you have any questions about your flooded or water damaged home or building or for questions about our specialised drying solutions

Residential Flood Water Damage​

The Flood Experts service all areas of Melbourne and surrounding areas. We have the expertise to tackle the drying of the water damage to your home, whether it’s a single room with flooded carpet, a whole house with flooded carpet or the remediation of structural water damage.

Commercial and Large Structure Flood Water Damage

Our specialists have over 10 years of experience drying and remediation flood damage for a wide range of customers including nursing homes, schools, shopping centers, and multi-story complexes. Whether it’s the drying of the flooded carpet or a catastrophic flood event where the structure has been saturated, we have the ability to properly remediate your water damaged property.

Specialised Drying

With over 10 years of experience in drying, our specialists have not only worked with victims of flood and water damage, but also business owners in need of more efficient drying of their goods. From the drying of herbs to the stabilization of a food processing environment, we at The Flood Experts can help improve your business’s efficiency through specialised drying.

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