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24/7 emergency response to all water damage needs in Glen Waverley. It doesnt matter how late, we will answer and be there asap.

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We’ll deal with your insurers, process the payout, and make sure everything is done to help you avoid any more red tape nightmares stopping you from completing water damage restoration

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Make The Flood Experts your first call to take advantage of our 5 minute dispatch time and get started on the path to recovery right away!

Have a water damage emergency near Glen Waverley?

When flood or water damage occurs in your home, contact a professional water damage restoration company.  They can inspect the damage and make an accurate assessment of the extent of the water. We recommend appropriate measures for restoring your property to its previous condition. The Flood Experts train experienced contractors who restore your property to its previous condition. They’ll take the necessary steps to reduce the burden on you, so you can focus on other things.

The Flood Experts are leading providers of water damage restoration in Glen Waverley.  We handle all indoor flooding caused by rainwater, damaged pipes or blocked gutters. We inspect affected areas and conduct moisture tests to determine the steps for repairing your property.

What to do before we arrive?

Call The Flood Experts so we can dispatch within 5 minutes of your call to Glen Waverley.
Disconnect any appliances, and remove extension cables and power strips from the space. Turn off the power to any exposed equipment. 
Avoid placing already wet furniture on a carpet that has water on it. Keep others from coming into contact with the affected area. Finally fasten blinds and curtains as well.
You must get rid of as much moisture as you can. Use a mop and bucket to clean any water-damaged tile, wood, or vinyl flooring. If the carpet is soggy or drenched from storm water damage, lay down some towels first. Additionally, you can vacuum up any extra water on your floors.Glen Waverley

Different Catagories Of Water

Clean water includes water damage such as broken pipes, overflowed sink and tub water, and appliance problems. Lesser water damage is considered much less severe than it could be. This type of damage typically involves “clean water,” which is sewage and toxin-free. Most items and wet carpets can be dried easily with minimal risk.

Grey water includes water that come from appliances like toilets, washing machines, and sump pump backups. While grey water may or may not be harmful to humans, you should take precautions to remove any items that were affected and disinfect heavily.

Black water damage is the most dangerous and often requires expert consultation to address. Black water includes sewage, rising flood waters, seawater, and river and groundwater. When black water damage occurs, many items will need to be removed from your property. After drying has occurred the home will need to undergo major disinfecting.

The Water Damage Restoration Process


Water Damage technicians
10 years experience in flood restoration


With over 10 years of experience, we have dried over 1,000,000 sqm of flood and water damaged homes and commercial properties.

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Our industry technology and equipment restores and dries your wet carpet and structure back to pre-flood conditions, the first time.

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Our highly skilled melbourne wet carpet specialists, backed by our industry leading equipment, can handle any flood or water damaged property in the fastest time possible with the best results.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Flood Experts operate all over Melbourne including Glen Waverley and surrounding suburbs. 

If the water damage is from a clean source and the water has not been left to sit for more than 24 hours, it can usually be salvaged. Staining can however occur from wood furniture sitting on the carpet.

Smaller skills may avoid microbial growth, but there is no guarantee that permanent damage will result or whether or not indoor air quality will be diminished

Bound water in solid wooden flooring can generally be removed using desiccant dehumidification. Using the right equipment and processes, usually means wooden floors be salvaged. The exceptions are engineered wood and laminate flooring.

The repairs typically take a few days to weeks which all depends on the severity of the damage, some may take longer if special items need to be purchased. FloodRepairs performs the water damage cleanup and the repair and reconstruction after a water restoration project as well.

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